Fortunate Springs

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Fortunate Springs

An eccentric in his old age, having no one to leave his vast fortune to, decided to offer packages of land to families, on the condition that they would let them change their names. Sadly, he died after two families, and his vast fortune given to charities.

Week One
The Lucks: Let me introduce myself
The Chances: Welcome to the neighbourhood

Week Two
The Lucks: Expanding the family
The Chances: Life and Love

Week Three
The Lucks: Growing up
The Chances: Permanant Platinum
University: The founding of Var-Cham-Hoh

Week Four
The Lucks: Birthdays, promotions and demotions
University: Joining Eureka!
The Chances: Working Romantics
University: It all went by so fast

Week Five
The Lucks: Careers and Teens
University: First graduates
The Chances: Elderhood
The Reeves: Pregnancies
The Vijayakars: Quick Start Family
The Cormiers: Bachelor Pad
University: Andrew Andrews

Week Six
The Lucks: Theodore
The Chances: Clearing things up
University: Not again!
The Reeves: Babies
The Vijayakars: Birthdays
The Cormiers: Another Love, Another Pressie
University: Starting again

Week Seven
The Lucks: The Birth of Generation Three
The Chances: Golden Years
The Reeves: Family, Family, FAMILY
The Vijayakars: Double abduction
University: Theodore and Meadow move in
The Cormiers: Dude
The Andrews: Nadine
University: Short, sweet and to the point

Week Eight
The Lucks: Open for Business
The Chances: Big's Last Chance
The Reeves: Growing, Loving, Promoting
The Vijayakars: Fun with Alec
University: Compensated
University: Freshman Year
The Cormiers: Father and Son
The Andrews: Expanding and Supporting the Family
University: The Thayers graduate
University: Only one step above NOTHING happening

Week Nine
The Lucks: Accomplishments
The Chances: The Perfect Plan
The Reeves: Marvellous News... except for that one thing...
The Vijayakars: Growing up and moving out
University: All about the new guys
University: Applying for a charter
The Cormiers: Triumph
The Andrews: Prospering
The Thayers: Beginnings
University: Back from the Dead
University: Down, Up, Graduate

Week Ten
The Lucks: Making the Top
The Chances: Caught!
The Reeves: Happy Transition Day
The Vijayakars: Is it all you dreamed it would be?
The Cormiers: The Death and Life of Dude Cormier
University: Love and Death
University: Kira and Uhura
University: Six Freshmen
The Andrews: Birthdays and kisses
The Thayers: More children
The Reeves: Wanting Children
The Zhangs: First Family Downtown
The Vijayakars: A new home
University: Continuing the Cycle
University: It started with a fire
University: Six Sophomores

Week Eleven
The Lucks: Passing on
The Chances: An Uneventful Week
The Reeves: 10 Children Want fulfilled #1
The Vijayakars: 10 Children Want fulfilled #2
The Cormiers: What kind of name is Corey?
University: All about the freshmen
University: Love, love everywhere
University: Six Juniors
University: Lucks in Love
The Andrews: Growing Up and Moving Out
The Thayers: Two babies and a Teen
The Reeves: The War Begins
The Zhangs: Second son, second jobs
The Vijayakars: Twins of the non-cheesecake variety
The Centowskis: Named after Hanson
The Vijayakars: The Dangers of Marrying a Romance Sim
The Shahans: Second Family Downtown
The Reeves: Double Trouble
The Nanales: So Precious to Me
University: Life Changing Decisions
University: Crying over spilt milk
University: Six Seniors... oh and two freshmen
University: The Townie Phenomenon

Week Twelve
The Lucks: Aidan and Brooke
The Chances: Art of Cheating
The Reeves: Introducing Pets
The Vijayakars: Anniversary Accomplished
The Cormiers: Ending how you Started
University: Three New Arrivals
University: Two New Arrivals
University: Four New Arrivals
University: No New Arrivals
The Andrews: A short update
The Thayers: Births, Birthdays, Romance and College
The Reeves: The Bombshell
The Zhangs: All boys
The Vijayakars: History, and Future of Captain Hero
The Centowskis: Promotions, Birthdays, and Sheryl
The Vijayakars: Married to a Madwoman
The Shahans: All girls
The Reeves: If only the house grew faster than the kids
The Nanales: Precious

1 JustForLuck Street
Aidan Luck (elder, male, popularity)
Brooke Luck [nee Straight] (elder, female, popularity)

1 TakeAChance Road
Grant Chance (adult, male, romance)
Tara Chance [nee Anderson] (adult, female, knowledge)
Fivel Chance (teen, male, family)

1 Reeves Avenue
Lill Reeves [nee Chance] (elder, female, family)
Juan Reeves (elder, male, family)
Ezri Reeves (teen, female, fortune)
Keiko (teen, female, popularity)
Odo (teen, male, knowledge)
Janeway (child, female)

1 Vijayakar Street
Tina Vijayakar [nee Chance] (adult, female, family)
Derek Vijayakar (adult, male, knowledge)
Mia Vijayakar (child, female, romance)
Brainiac Vijayakar (child, male, pleasure)
Zack Vijayakar (child, male)
Krit Vijayakar (child, male)

1 Romantics Road
Ricky Cormier (elder, male, romance)
Arcadia Cormier [nee Hogan] (adult, female, romance)
Corey Cormier (child, male)

1 Andrews Avenue
Nadia Andrews [nee Luck] (elder, female, popularity)
Andrew Andrews (elder, male, popularity)
Nate Andrews (child, male)

1 Thayer Street
Theodore Thayer (adult, male, fortune)
Meadow Thayer (adult, female, family)
Briar Thayer (child, female)
Violet (child, female)
Oak (toddler, male)
Sage (baby, male)

2 Reeves Avenue
Jean-Luc Reeves (adult, male, family)
Nicole Reeves [nee Thompson] (adult, female, fortune)
Cash Reeves (child, male)
Verity Reeves (child, female)
Dosh Reeves (child, male)
Faith Reeves (toddler, female)
Moolah Reeves (toddler, female)

1 Zhang Boulevard
Max Zhang [nee Vijayakar] (adult, female, popularity)
Daryl Zhang (adult, male, pleasure)
Jayden Zhang (teen, male, pleasure)
Braedon Zhang (child, male)
Gradin Zhang (toddler, male)

2 Vijayakar Street
Logan Vijayakar (adult, male, popularity)
Amaya Vijayakar [nee Grundstrom] (adult, female, pleasure)
Mario Vijayakar (child, male)
Mariette Vijayakar (child, female)

1 Centowski Lane
Cindy Centowski [nee Vijayakar] (adult, female, family)
Orlando Centowski (adult, male, family)
Isaac Centowski (child, male)
Taylor Centowski (child, female)
Zac Centowski (child, male)
Sheryl Centowski (toddler, female)

3 Vijayakar Street
Alec Vijayakar (adult, male, pleasure)
Allison Vijayaker [nee Chun] (adult, female, romance)
Albert (child, male)

1 Shahan Parade
Seven Shahan [nee Reeves] (adult, female, family)
George Shahan (adult, male, pleasure)
Torrene Shahan (child, female)
Deirdre Shahan (child, female)
Bridgette Shahan (toddler, female)
Babette Shahan (toddler, female)

3 Reeves Avenue
Miles Reeves (adult, male, family)
Sophie Reeves [nee Miguel] (adult, female, fortune
F'lar Reeves (child, male)
F'nor Reeves (child, male)
Lessa Reeves (toddler, female)

1 Nanale Place
Mallory Nanale [nee Nott] (adult, female, family)
Conrad Nanale (adult, male, knowledge)
Ruby Nanale (child, female)
Silver Nanale (child, male)
Emerald (toddler, female)

1 Dallas Street
Kira Reeves (adult, female, fortune)
Jihoon Dallas (adult, male, fortune)

4 Reeves Avenue
Uhura Reeves (adult, female, romance)
Alon Jalowitz (adult, male, popularity)

1 Fuchs Road
Jadzia Reeves (adult, female, family)
Jake Fuchs (adult, male, knowledge)

2 JustForLuck Street
Chuck Luck (adult, male, family)
Tosha Go (adult, female, family)

4 Vijayakar Street
Joshua Vijayakar (adult, male, popularity)
Amy Jones (adult, female, popularity)

1 Tang Street
Nadine Andrews (adult, female, popularity)
Sabastian Tang (adult, male, pleasure)

Var-Cham-Hoh Greek House - University
Tinga Vijayakar (senior, female, popularity)
Dude Cormier (jsenior, male, popularity)
Valerie Stompel (senior, female, fortune)
Worf Reeves (sophomore, male, fortune)
Nery Livingston (senior, male, fortune)
Kerie Cormier (sophomore, female, family)

Dragan Nagard Greek House - University
Dean Chance (senior, male, family)
Enid Chance (senior, female, fortune)
Willow Alioto (senior, female, family)
Andrzej Hanby (senior, male, fortune)
B'Elanna Reeves (sophomore, female, fortune)
Randy London (sophomore, male, fortune)

Oresha-Annya-Urele Greek House - University
Trina Grundstrom (junior, female, family)
Vince Grundstrom (junior, male, fortune)
Syl Vijayakar (sophomore, female, popularity)
Sketchy Vijayakar (sophomore, male, pleasure)
Ricky Dallas (sophomore, male, popularity)

Fruhm-Fruhm-Fruhm Greek House - University
Jennifer Luck (senior, female, pleasure)
Sydney Luck (senior, female, family)
George McCarthy (senior, male, fortune)
Anita Andrews (junior, female, popularity)
Annette Andrews (junior, female, knowledge)
Zeeshan Vu (junior, male, knowledge)
Reed Almassizadeh (junior, male, popularity)
Zaitrarrio Brown (senior, male, family)

Recently Enrolled Uni Students
Fern Thayer (freshman, female, pleasure)
Tucker Smith (freshman, male, pleasure)
Thorn Thayer (freshman, male, family)
Bud Thayer (freshman, male, knowledge)
Michelle Kearney (freshman, female, knowledge)
Elaine Vijayakar (freshman, female, family)
Justin Shaw (freshman, male, family)

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