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Fortunate Springs
Rainbow Valley
9 December 2008
Issue #8 of the Rainbow Valley Chronicle has now been published.
Please excuse me while I continue to be distracted by WoW...

3 March 2008
Issue #7 of the Rainbow Valley Chronicle has now been published (wow, I was beginning to think I'd never finish haha! And there are going to be 31 lots to play in round 8, not including Uni lots)

27 August 2007
Issue #6 of the Rainbow Valley Chronicle has now been published.

23 July 2007
Issue #5 of the Rainbow Valley Chronicle has now been published.

30 May 2007
Issue #4 of the Rainbow Valley Chronicle has now been published.

13 April 2007
Issue #3 of the Rainbow Valley Chronicle has now been published.

12 March 2007
Issue #2 of the Rainbow Valley Chronicle has now been published.

2 March 2007
Almost done with week 12 of "Fortunate Springs", in the meantime, week 1 of "Rainbow Valley", my new prosperity challenge, is now up. I'm trying a bulk blogging method. Indivual profiles and lot tours also available.

17 January 2007
The middle of Week 12 is up

20 November 2006
Beginning of Week 12 is now up.

23 October 2006
Huh, who would have thought I'd complete Week 11 so quickly? But it's all up now!

17 October 2006
It's been awhile, I know. I got distracted plating World of Warcraft, hehehe. But seven more rounds of Week 11 are now up.

16 August 2006
One real life move of house later, and the first half of Week 11 is now up.

24 July 2006
And now, the second half of Week 10 of "Fortunate Springs" is up.

14 July 2006
After much time spent getting frustrated with my third University residence, I finally completed the first half of Week 10 of "Fortunate Springs". Hurrah!

28 June 2006
Week 9 of "Fortunate Springs" is up

6 June 2006
I have decided to take down "Black Mountain". I hardly ever play that neighbourhood, certainly not enough to motivate me to put its story up. Ahh, maybe sometime in the distant future I'll change my mind.
Anyway, I was going to split up my "Fortunate Springs" updates, but I managed to play a whole week of updates for everyone before I had internet access again, heh. So all of week 8 is up in one fell swoop. Enjoy!s

24 March 2006
And now the rest of Week 7 is up.

13 February 2006
The first three rounds of Week 7 in "Fortunate Springs" are now up. Hurrah!

30 January 2006
At last, at long last, a new update for "Fortunate Springs". Week 6 is up, as well as an update family tree.
Additionally, for future updates I am planning on updating the week as I go along, as there are now 6 houses plus 2 Uni sessions a week, and doing updates for the whole week all at once gets a bit much, heh.

24 January 2006
Well, after getting married and moving house, I have been deprived of my Simmies for weeks. Long, long weeks. Withdrawal here, I'm telling you. Anyway, I'm taking this time to do some cleaning up. Okay, not really cleaning up. I'm just retiring my "Experihood" neighbourhood. I'm packaging the families I like the best, then deleting everything, and if I ever feel the urge to create "New Experihood" then I'll put my packaged families in there. But otherwise, yeah.
And I know I still haven't put anything up for "Black Mountain". I got started on the Prosperity challenge ("Fortunate Springs") and never got back to it, heh.
On "Fortunate Springs", I'm working on a friendlier family tree system for it. I'm not entirely certain on how it's going to work out, but I hate double entry stuff, so we'll see how it goes.

4 December 2005
Week 4 of "Fortunate Springs" is up.

27 November 2005
Another "Fortunate Springs" update: Week 3 is up in all it's glory.

23 November 2005
Well, two weeks of my Prosperity Challenge neighbourhood story is up. The index page needs to be fixed up a bit still, but yeah... Hope you enjoy your visit to "Fortunate Springs".
And I've been completely slack and haven't gotten anything of "Black Mountain" up. I will, I promise!

19 November 2005
Well, I'm back from holidays. I had a great time, mahalo for asking (Hawaiian word for 'thank you' - we went on Hawaiian Airlines and they kept saying it! Hehe).
Now that I'm back to playing simmies (at last! at long last!) and caught up on the lastest sim news (ooh booster pack), I'm also back to updating this baby. I've also decided to write my families stories another way (current format is annoying me). "Experihood" is going to go through a bit of a culling in the not too distant future (too many families I never play).
I've also started the Prosperity Challenge, neighbourhood name "Fortunate Springs".

28 September 2005
As you may have noticed, a major revamp of this site has been done. Frames works for some sites, but this ain't one of 'em!
All Experihood families have been updated.
There is a new neighbourhood, "Black Mountain", and their story will be coming.
Bear in mind that further updates won't be happening for a couple of months, as I will be going on holiday for 6 weeks, and will not be able to play TS2 (the horror!)

19 September 2005
At last! At long last! I HAVE FINALLY DONE IT!!!
Yes, folks, my Legacy family, the Specimens have finally made Gen 10!!!! *does a happy dance*

28 August 2005
Yes, it's been about a month (over even) since the last update. Has to figure out some bug problems on the lot. Which lot? The Specimen family o'course, and a new update is up for them now. Please note, the update starts on page 7 and continues on page 8.

24 July 2005
More Specimen family goodness.

17 July 2005
Helloooo to Gen 8! (More Specimen family updatey goodness).

4 July 2005
Okay, I know it's been awhile between updates, but I'm sure that you're all delighted to know that there's more Specimen family goodness!
Plus, plus, plus!!! I got my first satellite death. YAY!!!!!

13 June 2005
Even more Specimen family stuff. But yay, Gen 7! Soon, Gen 8, then Gen 9, and then... dun dun dun... Gen 10!!

8 June 2005
And MORE Specimen stuff.

27 May 2005
More Specimen family and Victim family (toddlermania)

12 May 2005
Are you starting to get bored with all the Specimen family updates, when no other family is being updated?

6 May 2005

29 Apirl 2005
More fun in the Specimen family, and another household or two.

26 April 2005
Some major things have happened in the Specimen Family. A couple of new households have opened up.

16 April 2005
Another Specimen family update and a new family: Funding.

11 April 2005
Couple of updates for the Specimen family. When I say couple, I mean that I did one, and then didn't upload it until I had done the second one. Lol.

23 March 2005
The Specimen family has been updated.

16 March 2005
The Specimen and Experiment (H1) familes have been updated. The former's updates more extensive than the latter.

10 March 2005
Two new families have been added. Because I was bored. And my computer likes to decide for me which lots it wants me to play.
Although, I did manage to trick it into letting me play the Specimen family for longer. Mwahaha. Which is why there are extensive developments in that household. I wanna finished that Legacy Challange before I install University just so I can say I completed Classic once!
Mostly minor updates to other families.

25 Feburary 2005
Updates to the Specimen and Theory families have been done!
I got my first alien abduction! YAY!!!

21 February 2005
Tada! All the families are up now!

17 February 2005
Some minor updates have been done to a number of the families, and some more families are up!

7 February 2005
Welcome to my TS2 fansite. I wasn't going to do this orginally - just put my stories on www.thesims2.com like everyone else.
Obviously, I changed my mind. Heh.
Here you will find stories on all my families, in my sole neighbourhood (but there will undoubtably be more neighbourhoods in the future, hehe)
BTW, the email will not work as yet, please send any email to