Rainbow Valley
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A short history of Rainbow Valley
The Rainbow Valley Chronicle

It was at the end of the Great Sim War that soilders stumbled upon the enemy labratory. It was to their shock and dismay that they discovered that the lab rats were in fact, lab sims! So many poor, defenceless Sims, captured and forced to submit to proceedures which altered their DNA, mostly where pigmentation was concerned.

After confirming that the poor people were otherwise healthy, the soilders took back word of their find to the rightful authorities. The government of SimNation were equally astounded, and debated for weeks what would be the best thing to do for these people, some of whom were born into the lab. Eventually they decided to give them a fresh start by granting them land in territory claimed and torn up by the war.

At the request of the SimNation government, the former Lab Sims formed small communities, and each community submitted a neighbourhood charter.

One of these communities formed the neighbourhood of "Rainbow Valley". However, as excited as they were to be free again, they were concerned for their children, who had known no life outside the lab. They decided, and wrote it into their charter, the design for a Coming of Age ceremony and its requirements. Although it wasn't written into their charter, the community had also inadvertantly started a naming convention for their children which would continue into the generations.

The day that the families moved into their new neighbourhood, they celebrated. They also conducted their first coming of age ceremony that the adults as well as the teens agreed to participate in.

Aerial view of Rainbow Valley

It was early the next morning, after everyone had returned to their homes, that Vic Chancellor developed his concern. He felt it was important to retain the sense of community they had all shared the night before, and was afraid that as they all adapted to the world outside the lab again that they might loose that.

It was at that moment that Vic Chancellor decided to start the neighbourhood's first and only newspaper, in an effort not only to support and maintain their community, but also to chronicle their lives.

NOTE: Purely for storyline purposes, the six families are not as I originally rolled them. I rerolled and rearranged ages, genders and aspirations as I saw fit. (When I say rearranged, I mean that I took what I had rolled and swapped them around). In the case of another sim I arbitarily decided their aspiration regardless of what I may have rolled (although I did a roll after the fact just for the fun of it and got the number I would have needed anyway, lol). Number of sims have remained the same, as have their personaility traits.

Rainbow Valley Directory
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