The RPG starring Hanson as aliens and as many other celebrities, sci-fi and fantasy serieses as we care to crossover

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Welcome to Hanson Roswell!

When the Roswell crash happened, the aliens on board scattered across the world and *gasp* bred.

There are aliens, humans, hybrids, mutants and a bunch of others including the magically orintated and alien pets. Only humans and some human hybrids don't have powers. Humans know about mutants obviously, but do not know about aliens unless otherwise stated.

Every Dathrian and Semirellian has the power of atom manipulation. Also every Dathrian and Semirellian has a specialty power.

HansonRoswell is a mix of original and unorginal characters. Think of it as a giant crossover.

The YIRAAS currently has peace treaties with England, Genovia, Australia, Japan, Canada, Denmark and France and are negociating with Spain, Russia and the USA. Other countries are on the agenda.

Time line for things to come


Alien Pets

Powers list
(Dath/Sem powers only)

The Hanson Home

The Space Station

The Slayer School

The Watcher Academy

The Paladin School


Vampire Register

Big Brother


Locations of the Teleportation Amplifiers

Inter-dimensional Task Force

Instructions, guidelines and warnings

Yes I'm Really An Alien Society RP instructions



Meet the Staff

Scary stats


Page 1
Original awards handed out

Page 2
5th Year Anniversary awards

Yes I'm Really An Alien Society Site

Groups site

Fun stuff



Things I have learned from HR


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HansonRoswell © is owned by us and is used for the sole purpose of entertainment.
We are not associated with Hanson, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Shakira, Leonardo D'Caprio or any other celebrities or other real people that may show up in the course of roleplaying. Mores the pity.
We are aware that Animorphs, Buffy, Smallville, X-men, etc are owned by other people/companies, but as we're not finacially gaining anything from playing with them, it doesn't matter.
We also respect that some authors don't want fanfiction to be written about their characters/worlds, and try to make sure we don't breech these requests.
Any original characters are our own invention, Hence the word 'original'.
In short: We're not stealing anything, and we expect you not to steal either.