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Hi everyone! Welcome to The Mutant Ducks Pond, home of a series based on The Mighty Ducks which we do not own in any way shape or form, although we wish we did because they're probably worth a fortune!

The Secret of Eden Hall is a series expressed as episodes, compete with seasons, lol. This is because there are two of us writing, Joy and Michelle (I'm Michelle). We're basically going to write a new episode every time we get a new idea. It's going to be fun!

The Secret of Eden Hall is part of "Anomalies", a world created where there is a gene that can give powers. Some people go without ever knowing this. Others have these powers triggered, and can do all sorts of amazing things. Then there are those, and who appear to make up the majority on Earth, who's gene has mutated, distorting their powers in ways that they were never meant to.

The "Anomalies" world started with a Hanson fanfic series, but it soon grew beyond Hanson, who were soon only exploring a small portion of this world. It only made sense to use the idea from another point of view!

Previous episode
#101 Pilot
Air date: 5th August 2002
Written by: Michelle
Synopsis: The Ducks learn they get to participate in the Mutant Ice Hockey Championship.

Latest episode
#102 Dreamcatcher
Air date: 30 January 2003
Written by: Joy
Synopsis: Connie is abducted by The Goblin.

Upcoming episode
#103 Untitled
Air date: Coming not so soon!
Written by: Michelle

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The Ducks powers and mutations

The Hanson Anomalies series

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The Mighty Ducks, Harry Potter, Hanson, Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, Moffats...
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Deeper Insanity

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