Sims 3 Adventures
with Rogue and Gambit

Volume 1
The adventures begin! Rogue and Gambit are raised by Mystique in Sunset Valley. Danger Room and alien babies in Twinbrook.
Volume 2
Rogue and Gambit start in Bridgeport with Wanda and Pyro. Then it's off to Moonlight Falls where there aren't anywhere near as many bugs. More X-Men join the household. They move to Starlight Shores where even more X-Men join the household.
Volume 3
Still in Starlight Shores. A metor strikes! Death! Of course, death in the Sims is a bit like death in the comics: it's just deferred living. Then it's onto Riverview. Mystique is Evil.
Volume 4
Lucky Palms and Appaloosa Plains. Storm, Morph, and X-Teens. Rogue and Remy adopt a unicorn.
Volume 5
Apploosa Plains continued. Laura finally becomes an adult. The Monroes home is awesome. Warren and Psylocke join the household. So do Jamie Madrox and Cecilia Reyes.
Volume 6
Coverdale (a lovely neighbourhood designed by My Sims Reality). Fun with the Cassidys.
Volume 7
Cloverville continues with New Mutants. Then it's off to Dragon Valley and we finally meet Kitty and Piotr! Hurrah! Rogue and Gambit are werewolves.
Volume 8
Kitty and Piotr get married and have a family. Also, we get Evangeline Whedon (it's Dragon Valley we need the mutant who can turn into a dragon), Lorna and Alex, and Darwin.
Volume 9
Rogue and Gambit get married! Also, Irene Adler, Jean-Luc, Henri, Mercy, and Tante Matie join the household. Move to Deery Meadows.
Volume 10
Babies! Lots of babies! How many grandchildren will Jean-Luc have before the end?
Volume 11
Coming soon...
Volume 12
Coming eventually...

Custom content has been primarily downloaded from The Sims Resource.

Most mods have been downloaded from Nraas.

Some new careers have been downloaded from Missy Hissy's Job Centre.

I've gotten several things from Mod the Sims but usually only when I can't find what I want elsewhere 'cause I really don't like using their site.

I also love the worlds and lots on My Sim Reality.

And occasionally I purchase stuff from the Sims 3 store. Usually only stuff that offers new gameplay experiences like new skills. After all, there are plenty of creators out there who share their hairs, clothing, furniture, patterns, etc for nothing elsewhere!